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Eternal Cycles Tarot

Hello!  My name is Kate Bedell  and I am the artist and creator of the Eternal Cycles Tarot.  I am a watercolour artist and I have used lace paper and hand-painted collage with gold leaf to create this collection of paintings for my Tarot.  

From an early age I experienced visions through dreams. These were often prophetic. They became a way of life for me and I felt I could always rely on the next right move, purely because I knew I was being guided.

I started working in Watercolour over 30 years ago.  I loved the lightness and spontaneity of the ever-moving fluid washes.  It created for me the perfect foundation for being able to create a dream world. My paintings developed from pure watercolour to incorporate acrylic ink, collage paper (almost translucent) and gold leaf to create a tapestry of my hopes, dreams and memories.  My work reflects my life experience and I strive to achieve an ethereal vision of my world to bring a healing energy to all those who encounter it.

Welcome to my Watercolour World.  If you'd like to keep in touch please subscribe below.  Thank you!


All works copyright © Kate Bedell Watercolours